Andrew Drysdale

Andrew Drysdale

Property Manager

Always seeking to improve the service to the community, Andrew’s inclusion to head up property management is aimed at lifting the bar for property owners, who want more value in the service they receive. Andrew delivers a bespoke form of property management that utilises decades of experience in business, property investment, and construction.

After listening to owners, typical feedback of property management service levels include them not having any experience as an investment property owner, or not understanding what it actually takes to look after the physical asset properly. Similarly, concerns regarding what’s genuinely required to keep the property in peak earning condition, a lack of understanding of how to analyse costs versus benefits, being able to deal with problem tenants, manage minor renovations, or confidently coordinate trades people have been identified as factors destroying client confidence in the management of their property. Andrew’s experience and skill set brings solutions for owners that can be relied upon.

PBR can guarantee not to offer garden variety property management, and our property management team are unified in that aim.

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